Approach of Project Development

During project training students will be involved in following Project development life cycle.

System Engineering and Modelling

In this process we have to identify the projects requirement and main features proposed in the IEEE Paper or concepts. Understand the draw backs of existing systems, analyze the proposed systems and its techniques, cost analyze and cost estimation also will be train in this module.Software/Hardware requirement Analysis

In this software requirements analysis, firstly analysis the requirement for the proposed system. To understand the nature of the program to built, the student must understand the information domain for the software/hardware, as well as required functions, performance and the interfacing. From the available information the student develops a list of the actors use cases and system level requirement for the project. With the help of key user the list of use case and requirement is reviewed.

Systems analysis and design

Software Projects
The design is the process of designing exactly how the specifications are to be implemented. It defines specifically how the software is to be written including an object model with properties and method for each object, the client/server technology, the number of tiers needed for the package architecture and a detailed database design. Analysis and design are very important in the whole development cycle. Any glitch in the design could be very expensive to solve in the later stage of the software development.

Electronic Projects
How to fabricate and design the PCB’s.Designing the mechanism models, write the program in Controllers use of compilers this all will be trained during project development.

Code Generation
The design must be translated into a machine readable form. The code generation step performs this task. The development phase involves the actual coding of the entire application. If design is performed in a detailed manner. Code generation can be accomplished with out much complicated. Programming tools like compilers, interpreters like c, c++, and java are used for coding .with respect to the type of application. The right programming language is chosen.

After the coding. The program testing begins. There are different methods are there to detect the error in coding .different method are already available.

After Testing project will be readily available for students to submit their college for demonstration purpose.

Our 14 Precepts Based Project Support