Research Area

Artificial Intelligence and Robotics

  • Knowledge representation and reasoning
  • Estimation theory
  • Mobility mechanisms
  • Multi-agent negotiation
  • Intelligent agents
  • Semantic segmentation
  • Assistive robotics in medical diagnosis
  • Robot perception and learning
  • Motion planning and control
  • Autonomous vehicles
  • Personal assistive robots
  • Search and information retrieval
  • Speech and language recognition
  • Fuzzy and neural system
  • Intelligent embedded system in industries
  • Object detection and capturing
  • Intelligent information systems

Data Mining and Databases

  • Distributed data mining
  • Multimedia storage and retrieval
  • Data clustering
  • Pattern matching and analysis
  • High-dimensional data modeling
  • Spatial and scientific data mining for sensor data
  • Query interface for text/image processing
  • Scalable data analysis and query processing
  • Metadata management
  • Graph database management and analysis system for social media
  • Interactive data exploration and visualization
  • Secure data processing

High-Performance Computing

  • Information retrieval methods in cloud storage
  • Graph mining in social media networks
  • Distributed and parallel computing methods
  • Development of architecture aware algorithms
  • Big data analytics methods on GPU system
  • Designing of parallel algorithms
  • Designing of algorithms for Quantum computing


  • Intrusion detection system
  • Applied cryptography
  • Privacy issues in RFID system
  • Security challenges in IoT system
  • Malware detection in cloud computing
  • Security and privacy issues in social media
  • Wireless sensor network security
  • Mobile device security
  • Lawa and ethics in cybersecurity
  • Cyber physical system security
  • Software defined network security
  • Security implications of the quantum computing
  • Blockchain and its security
  • AI and IoT security
  • Privacy issues in big data analytics
  • Phishing detection in finance sector

Big Data Analytics

  • Predictive analysis
  • Data capturing and transmission
  • Parallel Data processing
  • Uncertainty in data
  • Data anonymization methods
  • Data processing in distributed environment
  • Privacy protecting techniques
  • Semantic analysis on social media
  • Intelligent traffic surveillance
  • Topological data analysis

Biometrics and Computational Biology

  • Structure and sequence analysis algorithms
  • Protein structure anticipation
  • Data modeling of scientific applications
  • Virtual screening
  • Brain image analysis using data mining approaches
  • Design predictive models for severe disease analysis
  • Molecular structure modeling and analysis
  • Brain-machine interfaces
  • Computational neuroscience

Internet of Things (IoTs)

  • IoT network infrastructure design
  • Security issues in IoT
  • Architectural issues in Embedded system
  • Adaptive networks for IoT
  • Service provisioning and management in IoT
  • Middleware management in IoT
  • Handling Device Interoperability in IoT
  • Scalability issues in IoT
  • Privacy and trust issues in IoT
  • Data storage and analysis in IoT networks
  • Integration of IoT with other emerging technologies such as fog computing, SDN, Blockchain, etc.
  • Context and location awareness in IoT networks
  • Modeling and management of IoT applications
  • Task scheduling in IoT networks
  • Resource allotment among smart devices in IoT networks.

Blockchain and Decentralized Systems

  • Enhancing IoT security using blockchain
  • Precision agriculture and blockchain
  • Social blockchain networks
  • Blockchain based solutions for intelligent transportation system
  • Security and privacy issues in blockchain networks
  • Digital currencies and blockchain
  • Blockchain and 5G/6G communication networks
  • Integration of cloud/fog computing with blockchain
  • Legislation rules and policies for blockchain
  • Artificial Intelligence for blockchain system