Formatting Service for PhD Thesis

When you are ready with your reviewed doctoral thesis, it is time to work on its formatting. For this purpose, your university usually issues some formatting guidelines. These can also be issued by a publication, in case your next step is to get your thesis published. Apart from this, you may be asked to follow a professional style guide in order to format your thesis up to acceptable global standards. We, at PhD Thesis, have also trained our professionals to follow all recommended styles while formatting different types of theses.

Whether you are asked to incorporate the APA style or the MLA style in your writing, our editors and reviewers possess the knowledge of all. Thus, you are welcome to take advice from our experts if you are unaware of varied formatting styles and standards. Our editors will combine both the professional and the university style guidelines when they start formatting your paper. Be assured that your thesis is formatted on its layout, as well as citation style.

We ensure to resolve all kinds of formatting issues with headings and subheads, key pages, page numbering and spacing, page layouts, and tables and figures. For this purpose, we review all the text and graphical matter. We also check each citation and reference in your paper. These citations are then formatted according to the prescribed citation style. As far as possible, we try to complete any missing information in your citations, but you are provided with feedback if we are unable to track some missing content. However, formatting will still be done in the required manner.

We do not leave any chance of making your thesis look tidy while formatting it to global publication standards. If you also want to save your time out of these small yet practical details of your paper, get in touch with us now. You can e-mail us at