Why we are unique?

  • We have developed a great understanding of how to assist students in the basis of industry.
  • Excellence in executing short and long-term projects to your specific requirements.
  • Deep domain knowledge in diverse fields.
  • Providing clear project objectives, milestones, tasks, and resources to students.
  • Good Technology transfer.
  • High-quality service at an affordable cost.
  • Separate team to help student in different location.
  • Training and coaching for projects are available in all streams.


At Real Time Project, we follow software development life-cycle (SDLC) method and thus ensure delivery of each module in timely manner. For larger projects requiring weekly or bi-weekly deliveries, we adapt Waterfall or Agile software development methodology, depending upon the scale and complexity of the project, to ensure regular updates with reports for client purview. Every project is assigned to a Project Coordinator who is having enough experience and domain knowledge to handle the project. The Project Coordinator then manages the whole team and project related tasks from our end and ensures regular communication with the client.

Quality Focus

Real time Project success in satisfying its customer’s stems from its commitment to a consistent methodology, effective project management techniques, proven automated tools, quality assurance, testing and dedicated professionals.
We follow rigorous quality management techniques, which along with our mature development processes ensure that a high quality is delivered in every phase of our software development and maintenance cycles. We have predefined processes for software development life cycle, quality assurance and documentation.